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Body Politic

On the cover

An independent city where television, popular music, cigarettes and private cars are banned, where the citizens are dedicated to the welfare of the tourists attending the year-round festival, Edinburgh in the 2020s has its drawbacks for blues-haunted Quintilian Dalrymple - unpaid work as a part-time private investigator is his only form of entertainment.

But the murder of a guardswoman - the first in five years - is enough to scare the Council of City Guardians out of complacency and reluctantly turn to the man they demoted. The modus operandi looks remarkably similar to that of a murderer whose gruesome series of killings earned him the codename the Ear, Nose and Throat man - a case officially unsolved and in which Quint was more involved than he cares to admit.

Assisted by Davie, the guard assigned to ensure the potential reprobate toes the party line, Quint Dalrymple must penetrate a web of conspiracy, violence and sexual intrigue that reaches into a dark heart of corruption and threatens to dismember the body politic.

Brilliantly imagined and stylishly crafted, Body Politic is a compelling thriller introducing an engagingly irreverent detective.

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