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"Impressive follow-up to the award-winning Body Politic...Johnston's conceit with Edinburgh is brilliant and there's a mordant Scots wit...stylish" Guardian

"A sly satire and gruesome thriller" Daily Telegraph

"First-rate crime fiction with an original twist" Sunday Telegraph

"A powerful, fantastical thriller" Mail on Sunday

"An ingenious and chilling thriller that has the added bonus of being a sardonic political satire" The Sunday Times

"An entertainment of quality" Crime Time

"Johnston's Edinburgh is almost perfectly realized, while his maverick sleuth, Quintilian Dalrymple, is at home here as Marlowe in L.A. Or Spenser in Boston...Johnston transforms Edinburgh into a nightmarish and malignant stage, on which his blues-loving, wise-cracking hero walks the walk and talks the talk perfectly. Brilliantly offbeat metaphors and fascinating characters reinforce the promise implicit in the author's first novel." Publishers Weekly

"Quint never goes over the top: he was born over the top" Kirkus Reviews

"A smart novel and a clever mystery set against an unusual and fascinating backdrop" Booklist

"Another winner from a welcome new talent" San Francisco Examiner

"Johnston achieves a standard of crime fiction that you would like to see emulated much more often" Mystery Scene

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