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‘Dalrymple, who loves his blues music and 20th century noir mysteries, remains an arresting presence, and Johnston often uses his blighted futuristic landscape to great ironic advantage.’ Publishers Weekly

"Both prescient and illuminating" Ian Rankin, Daily Telegraph

"An acclaimed crime series...Johnston brings an intelligent perspective to the dark excitement of the thriller" Nicholas Blincoe, Observer

"Johnston's vision is shot through with the bleakest of black humour, never losing sight of the humanity of his characters. This series is getting better all the time."
Val McDermid, Manchester Evening News

"A wonderfully satirical set-up" Mike Ripley, Daily Telegraph

"Once again Mr Johnston has come up with a thoroughly enjoyable tale, enlivened by Dalrymple's cocky personality" Sunday Telegraph

"There are few British thriller writers gaining more acclaim than Paul Johnston...his futuristic, Edinburgh-set novels marry pungent social comment with delirious plotting" The Times

"Trendily dystopian" The Herald

"Sardonic wit, brilliant concept and a strong plot" Birmingham Post

"As combustible as Quint's first two cases" Kirkus Reviews

"Sure to captivate fans of Johnston's intelligent, thought-provoking series...this is the best instalment yet...a fine example of the futuristic crime novel" Booklist

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